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   Take the label out of your bottle can look the contrary side, the white side, as you see it on this photo.
   If you can and know to read  The Arab, you can read these what he points out. Or: (Her [in Arabic] =) Not of Mohammad, (La=) not of Makkah! ! ! Some turcophone

   It is said that this genre of thing also exists in other countries. Under other shapes. Which is the goal of the firm who fabricates this product? The biblical man, toranique everything particularly, in this domain? Is it discredit whom, to despise those and these boivent this drink? The observers have several notice in this domain. Always is he how to continue after that, to drink such drink? And how much the Holy and Lord of Israel and of the worlds is above what they describe and associate Him!  

Drink of the water or Coca ?
1. 75% of the Americans suffer chronic dehydration.
2. 37% of the Americans confuse the symptoms of the thirst and of the hunger.
3. The shortage of water is the factor number 1 of the fatigue day.
4. Preliminary researches show than 8-10 glasses of water by day relieve problems of attached and amiss gilded for more than 80% than the indisposed.
5. A fall of 2% of the rate of water in the human body can produce a printed loss from memory, from the difficulties in resigning plain mathematical problems and from the difficulties in concentrating themselves on a monitor of computer or a page.
6. To absorb 5 glasses of water by day reduces the risk by colon cancer by 45%, the cancer of the bladder risks cancer of the bosom by 79% and at 50%.
Do you absorb enough water each day ?

Drink of the water or Coca ?
1. In several american states the patrols of the highways carry Coca-Cola 's liters to take the stains out of blood after the accidents of cars.
2. Put a steak in a bowl of Coca and in two days he no longer stays anything.
3. To clean the groomings: Pour cannette in the basin and allow to act for a time, pull the expensive and is clean. The acid citric content in coca takes the stains out of the china.
4. To take stains out rust bumpers on the chromium  Cars, rub shock with aluminium foil decks it out Reynolds Wrap Soaked in coca.
5. To clean the endpoints of battery of cars, pour cannette of coca on the terminals to suppress the corrosion.
6. To disengage one gone rusty, deposit a duster soaked in coca several minutes first.
7. To take stains out of fat on the clothes: Empty cannette of coca on the clothes, add detergent and clean to the normal cycle. Coca helps to take the stains out fat.
8. Coca help also has to clean decks them out break cars.

For your information :
1. The active ingredient in coca is the phosphoric acid. pH  Is 2.8. He can dissolve a nail in four days. The phosphoric acid absorbs the calcium of the bones and contributes to the raise of l ostoporosis .
2. To carry syrup coca (the concentration) commercial, the trucks have to display the "Dangerous " sign booked for transportation Materials Very corrosive.
3. The dispensers of Coca use this one since 20 years argument for  Clean the motors of their trucks.

Now the question east want you of the water or Coca ?

The opened quarrel of the words? A fisherman of the web to write us in particular :

Assalamou' alaykoum  

Notice of a Savant on the "find strange" on the logo coca, to wit: "Laam + alif make l who means no. In the drawing, there is the letter Laam, who can read themselves: Li, who means argument for, in favor of, belonging at, and so on Thus everything who can be than positive for Macca.,
Our comment is: It is precisely this in lack of grammar which shows the ignorance of (s) the author (s) of the logo of the drink in matter of (calli) Arabic graphie; but one can doubtless assert this (s) same (s) author (s) "militates (nt)" not in favor of the Prophets ' Signet Mouhammad (that the Peace and the Respect of ALLAH are on him) and its hometown. 

In fact good number of drinks decked out in the word "cola" how zam zam cola" or "mecca cola" and well others were introduced on the marketplace by the companies "amr hic hatreds" (agreement with Iran in regard to the example of "zam zam cola;) it is tell the (classical) and any really commercial goal of the thing . (article to read at

At last, do not forget that the popularizers of this drink at the deposited mark are nor more nor less those same which conquered the Peru (for other Well) and to in particular report the sheets incorporating (it) of the cocaine (sadly famous to kill every year in the thousands of people) (goals.) Do not go farther on its "inventor" (american cf spring :http://dispourquoipapa.free.fr/homme/ho0004.htm- or French of origin corse cf spring

And consider instead the misdeeds in the countries such that the Peru, Bolivia (where this drink constitutes 88 % of the "colas)" and to neighbouring... Colombia (to read in attached part )
And read the very interesting article at

Anecdote:A ruler of Coca-Cola upright in front of a fountain of its product!Declared that 'he was dreaming that each day with the four corners of the world in all of the countries, the men drink with his drink. We have for adversaire, he was telling, the other colas but also the water or the wine. The economical war is beautiful and well one reality. When the Americans disembarked in Europe in 1944, they were coming to prohibit the freedom but also, having chewing gum in their luggage and coca to make themselves sure of new marketplaces where to spill their products.(Spring: http://www.ciao.fr/Mecca_Cola__Avis_504293)
"Harm" in this "find" does not reside so much at those which "see" it than at those who concoivent a logo (and a drink everything exploiting their fellows to produce her cheaply) in a certain goal... ditto for the drink such that "Mecca cola.

Notes :
Note 1: mecca is not Makkah (even though the resemblance is almost perfect) but one Amerindian village of the U.S.A.; there also, not of bewilderment.
Note 2: Egypt 's big shot thanks at Moufti (always "in touch)" to have concluded (and ruled Islamicly and juridically ) 
Coca-Cola does not defame the Islam and that at all events he lacks a letter so that the assertion be accurate (In the monthly trs seriousness "her" in June 2000.) Explain that it is the company who asked him to rule
Spring :

Conclusion : The argument stays opened. Do partisan and opposing them it not show us notices fully contrary. For the submissive, sincere, observant believer of its cult, an only thing account and in precedence: Eat licite and drink licite. The researchers ' notice, scientists, medicine, are obviously to take in account and very to the seriousness? To wit, which are the components of this biblical drink! Licite or prohibs? And exists a real danger for the health of the body? To cut you

Infos amuse :

Of the thousands of GI' s, during the first War of the Gulf, were victims of. It is it which emerges from a medical realised study after multifold complaints of veterans... Actually, the Coca-Cola light is ducolor at aspartame. During the hostilities, the palettes of canettes were exposed to strong heats. Thus, starting with 33C, aspartame becomes methanol very toxic (alcohol to burn), who afterwards degenerates herself in formaldehyde even (toxic) (formalin.) Few consumers of this product which avoids becoming big know that aspartame was invented by Monsanto within the chemical war (acsulfamine of potassium.) For several years in numerous scientists and physicians denounce worthlessly dangerosit (sees for the diabeteses and cancers brain, Newspaper of Neurology and Experimental Neurology 1996.) (Spring: N & N, n 160 ) Advice: Storekeepers to prevent to expose this drink outside in the sunlight in particular in period of hot seasons! Secundo: Can one really keep on drinking of such a drinks? 
At the question Your favorite drink, the philosopher ex- maoist Andr Glucksmann answers (THE Espresso September 11:) Since September 11, 2001, the Coca-Cola! (Spring: N & N, n 160 ) 


 (Seemed article on Caduce spring of information professional in the medical sector )

A person is dead lately in absurd circumstances.

She took drinking canette Sunday with friends, the following day Monday, she was interned at the CHU University Hospital to take Wednesday out again, dead.

The autopsy revealed that it was dealing with one Fulgurant Leptospirose Go caused by one Drinking canette
That she had taken, without glass. The exam of the canettes confirmed that they were infected by urine of rat and thus of Leptospires. The nobody in question did probably not clean the superior part of canette before absorbing her and this one was contaminated by urine of dry rat, which incorporates toxic and deadly substances, among which leptospire, who provokes leptospirose.

The drinks in canettes and other feeds of similar conditioning are stored in warehouses which are often infested with rodent and are afterwards carried to their place of sale without making the object of a nondescript cleanup.

Whenever you buy canette, clean conscientiously the superior part with water and a detergent before putting her

At the fridge. More better, do not buy canettes. According to a study realised by INMETRO (Spain), the lid of the canettes of drinks is more contaminated than the public groomings.

The study shows that the quantity of germs and of bacteria on the lids of the canettes is such that he is important to clean well them with water and a detergent . Please broadcast this information at people 's maximum.

Conclusion: Best equals forewarn that heal! After these advices concerning all drink in "cannette", it is preferable also to drink all drink not in the bottleneck but preferably in a glass or other rcipient: Bowl, etc

Translation: It is with pleasure that we confirm that soft drinks may contain minute traces of alcohol from flavorings used (medium flavor). Indeed, the amount of alcohol in our drinks is still very low and in any case always less alcohol to 1.2 (1.2% by volume), the only regulatory soft drinks ...
Conclusion: may contain minute traces of alcohol ... = Drink many small or non-permissible for consumption for every subject and practicing believer.

Rabbi Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, or drink whose secret recipe is better protected than many nuclear programs. One man, however, had access to this formula: Rabbi Tuvia Geffen. It was he who decreed the Coca-Cola kosher.

Figure of the Orthodox community, Tuvia Geffen put his skills to the maintenance of relations with the secular world. Born in Lithuania in 1870, he emigrated to the United States in 1903. First New York and Canton (Ohio) in 1907 and finally Atlanta in 1910.

In the early 1930s, his daughter Helen, who studied food chemistry at the University of Georgia, shall within the framework of a research project, analyzing the components of the Coca-Cola. She discovered that the drink contains glycerin derived from animal fat. In time, some Rabbis premises had already granted a certificate of kosher foods at Coca-Cola. Two possibilities: either the rabbis were unaware of the presence of the glycerine of animal origin, or they had applied the so-called "sixtieth" (Batel Be Shishimai): If a substance is less than 1/60th of product, it is considered void.

"When my father discovered the presence of this glycerin, he was not happy," says Adler, the daughter of Helen. Problem: the rule of 1/60th works only if the ingredient is added accidentally. However, since the glycerine animal non-kosher is intentionally incorporated in the Coca-Cola, the drink becomes unfit for consumption in compliance with the laws of kosher foods.

"Everyone should be able to drink Coca-Cola!"

What to do? Stop drinking Coca-Cola? Certainly not. The rabbi then decides to take matters in hand: he contacted Harold Hirsch, head of legal affairs at Coca-Cola - luckily prominent member of the Jewish community of Atlanta - and he made his discovery. Hirsh talks to Asa Candler, founder and owner of Coca-Cola.

Long before the words "globalization" and "multinational" were invented, Candler wanted a consumption of Coca-Cola around the world. Learning that a group of people - Jews - can not consummate his soda, he gets all his statements: "What! Some people can not drink Coca-Cola?" I want everyone to drink Coca-Cola. Do something to change that. "

Rabbi Geffen will then meet with company executives, who will provide it with the secret formula. And the company will accept substitute glycerin animal by another ingredient. Ditto for a substance made from corn will also disappear from the composition. Thus, the Coca-Cola has become not only kosher but kosher for Passover. Validated by the hekhsher (official authorization rabbinic) of Rabbi Geffen.

But Tuvia Geffen is a little more than "Rabbi Coca-Cola. Apart from its success with the famous drink, it was shown on many levels. He has worked for the establishment of standards for kosher foods, for training shohatim (ritual slaughterers) and kosher butchers. He also held the Jewish school in his home until a Community Facility is established in 1913. In addition, Geffen has worked actively to improve the fate of Jewish prisoners or to the cause of agounot - these women hold the get, a religious divorce - succeeding often locate the couple and to obtain formal separation.

Between 1924 and 1961, Rabbi Geffen has published seven books in Hebrew, Yiddish and English. It is also the author of texts Midrashic, poems, pilpoulim (arguments) and teshouvot (responses), and numerous research articles. (Source: interval-dz.com)

Conclusion. Evidence that the secret of manufacturing is well guarded! In this case, the product was doubtful (which we do not know the Ingredients) would be consumed ... Lawful consumption. Rest a consumable product only for people of the Bible that people of the Torah in particular. And God knows best !

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