In the name of GOD,
the miséricordieux whole, the very miséricordieux one !
Praise with Allah, Seigneur of the worlds, Prière and Peace on Its messengers and Its prophets, and on all those which follow Its guided !

Yahya (on him Peace !).

First part.


Among the Prophets of the Bible, Wire of Israel, it is necessary for us to mention Yahya (on him Peace !). The world toranic is unaware of it, the world evangelic names it Jean [ 1 ] . The world Druse venerates it, in the same way Mandéens [ 2 ] . It is mentioned five times in Coran [ 3 ] .

Its name.

With the Saint and Lord of Israel and worlds to reveal in Zacharie [ 4 ] , his/her father (on him Peace!) :
"O Zacharie, We announce good advertisement of a boy to you. Its name is Yahya [ 5 ] .
We assigned any homonym before to him." (Coran XIX 7-8; to compare: Lc 1: 61)

Let us mention that according to a tradition, the woman of Abraham (on him Peace!) was called in the Yasara beginning, which means: "it will not give birth to". When it to him was announced the good news of the birth of Isaac, it was called Sara by the Gabriel angel. Then she says to Abraham (on him Peace!) : "Why it misses a letter with my name?" Abraham (on him Peace!) known as: "It is a question to pose with the Gabriel angel." Gabriel (on him Peace!) known as then: "This letter will be added in the name of one of your sons which will be among the largest prophets; its name is Vivant, but it will be called "it saw (or it will live. Or also it vivifies or it will vivify, that is to say in Arabic: Yahya. Hebrew, Hou Yéhyé) According to Rachi, commentator of the Torah, it would act rather of Josué. That one judges some : Because the YOD removedin the name of SARAI become SARA had protested and it should have been restored by adding it to the name Yeochoua. As it is known as : Moïse gave to Hochéa wire noun the name of Yeochoua (NMB., 13,16). (Chap. XVII Lekh-Lekha. v. 5, p. 95).

Why this toranic preference ?

Very simple. The arrival of Hou Yéyè (on him Peace) was going to announce the destruction of the Temple [ 6 ] and especially the exile of the people of Israel. The prophet Hou Yéhyè (on him Peace!) like besides the Ichoua Prophet, wire of Marie [ 7 ] was never going to enter the History of Israel. Rabbis as the wise ones their will dedicate, to both, a hatred and an enmity without terminal. Thus it will be made that their names, their description and their history will be forever unobtrusive registers of the prophets of Israel. Prophets of Israel undoubtedly, but not never of the list of the prophets and messengers of the Saint and Lord of Israel.

Confirmator of the son of Marie. According to traditional Islam, he was the first man to be believed in the mission of his cousin, the son of Marie. He will be thus, and according to the Revelation, the future confirmator [ 8 ] of the son of Marie [ 9 ] (Coran. III 39).

What people of the Bible are unaware of or want to be unaware of.

We know all that Paul [ 10 ] very misé, directed his world about the person of the Messiah wire of Marie (on him Peace!). His/her cousin, the prophet Yahya [ 11 ] (on him Peace!) was relegated to the second plan [ 12 ] . However, that which really overcame death, isn't this him? That one judges some:
"And do not say dead those which are killed in the path of God [ 13 ] . They are alive, on the contrary, but you are unconscious." (Coran II 54).

Sacrificator of Death.

One said concerning the son of Zacharie that it did not approach disobediences. It is for that that it deserved, still says one, to be Sacrificateur par excellence of Mort in the Day of the Accounts. This day, this one will appear between the Paradise and Fire in the shape of a ram.

It was said that God (exalté it is!) at the Day of Resurrection, will reveal Death in the shape of a gray ram. An Herault will shout: "Inhabitants of the Paradise!", and all those will raise the head. And he will shout: "Inhabitants of Fire!", and all these will raise the head, while in Fire there will be at this time only damnés. One will ask then the ones and the others: "Do You Know This one?" who is in an intermediate place between the Paradise and Fire All will answer: "It is Death!" Then Yahya will advance, carrying a blade; it will extend Death and will cut the throat of it. An Herault will shout: "O inhabitants of the Paradise, eternity and more Death! O inhabitants of Fire, eternity and more Death!"
This Day will be the Day of the Affliction!

Death according to the world toranic.

One said: " Rise, would be lit, because the light arrives, etc. "It is what says in the Holy Spirit by David king d' Israël: Psalm 36,3: " Bus near you is the source of life; in your light we see your light... "Which means: In do your light we see your light? Which is the light to which Israel aspires ardently? It is the light of the Messiah, as it is known as: Genesis, 1, 4: " God saw that the light was good. "From where it arises that the Saint, blessed is it! contemplate the Messiah and his acts as of before the creation of the world and preserved the light for the Messiah and his generation under the throne of its glory. Satan required of the face of the Saint, blessed is it! : " Main of the world! With what is intended the light which is preserved under the throne of your glory? For that, God answered, who one day will overcome you and shame will cover you. "Satan known as: " Main of the world, it shows me! "God answered him: " Come and see it. "Satan saw the Messiah, it trembled and fell on its face while saying: " It is surely the Messiah, who will throw me in hell, me and all princes of the people of the world, as it is known as: Isaïe, 25, 8: "  death is absorbed for always, Yahvéeh God seals the tears of any face. "(Pisqua 36 on Isaïe 60, 1 and 2, p 161 ab.).
" But all that one blame is lit by the light, and all that is enlightened is light. For this reason one says: " Wakes up, you which sleep, And rises among deaths, And the Messiah [ 14 ] will illuminate you. (Eph Bible. 5:13-14, pH. 2:15, MT. 5:16).

Conclusion: The Messiah about which it all is here in Isaïe (60) is not other than the Seal of Prophecy, the Mohammad Prophet (on him Prière and Peace!). As for Death, it acts that of Ignorance, the Associationism (in Arabic, the chirk). And the splendour of which it all is, is the splendour of Makkah (Mecque), and not that of Jerusalem like claimed it, wrongly, people of the Bible. Lapidated Satan thus trembled by seeing the Kingdom of the Seal of the Prophecy, which will extend on the whole ground, at the time of the return of the son of Marie on ground.

Death. Its true face.

One still said that the appearance of Mort in this form is due to Azraël [ 15 ] , the angel of the Death, which appeared, us are still said, in Adam (on him Peace!) in this form. As for wire of Zacharie (on them Peace !) owing to the fact thatit revived its heart by leaving side the desires; it became by-there, a cause of life for people of the two Houses: this low-world and of Beyond.

Conclusion : In the son of Zacharie (on them Peace!), there are for us a whole a teaching to take, to meditate (to compare: Rm. 8 1-17), and an example to be followed. But no man of the Bible, in particular those of the Torah; will like (will like) to recognize that, moreover, to refuse to approach divine disobediences [ 16 ] and to make revive their heart by leaving side the terrestrial desires [ 17 ] , etc.

Spirit and Life.

We know all that the son of Husbands is the "spirit [ coming ] of God" [ 18 ] and the son of Zacharie holds, him, the "Life". However, just as the "spirit" and the "life" are indissociable, the same these two prophets, Ichoua (on him Peace!) and Hou Yèhyè [ 19 ] (on him Peace!), are inseparable, indissociable [ 20 ] , since both support together the load of this mystery.
Finally let us add this divine word addressed to the whole of the biblical world:
"Say (their) [ 21 ] : "If you always loved God, follow me. God will love you and will forgive you your sins; and God is a pardonnor, très-miséricordieux [ 22 ] . "
Say (their): "Obey God and the Messenger [ 23 ] . And if you turn the back (if you are diverted this invitation)... then certainly, God does not love to them (people) non-believers!"
Admittedly, God elected [ 24 ] Adam [ 25 ] and Noah [ 26 ] and the family [ 27 ] of Amran above the worlds [ 28 ] , as descendants the ones of the others. And God east audient, scientist. (Coran III 31-34).

   How the Lord of the worlds guides us all in what He likes and approved !

[ 1 ] Youhanna. Name of the son of the Zacharie prophet in Arab language. In French, it lives (or it will live, also : it vivifies, it will vivify). In Hebrew, hou Yéhyè. For the nazaréniens of Arab language : Youhanna. We will say: 1. Unknown name to people of the Bible of which people of the Gospel. Its true name seems to be removed old Writings. It is, on the other hand, for the whole of people of the Bible, more known under the name of Jean : you will give a son whom you will call Jean. (Luc 1, 13). 2. Arabic hanan is, says one, of the same semantic root as Hebrew hanon who means : " to make grace, to support ", from which the substantives hen come, haninah,indicating according to grammairiens the grace, the favour, benevolence. From there the Hebraic name of Jean, (God makes grace). According to Génésius, the root H, N, N to mean to incline itself towards somebody, to be favorable, to have pity of him for him. Hanoun, good, miséricordieux, is said of God (Bible e.g. XXII, 25 ; PS CXVII, 5) : it is often accompanied by the adjective rahoum. One finds in the Bible the formula hanoun wé rahoum applied to God. The Koranic sentence : hanan min ladounna, would then have the direction of " a favour, a tenderness, a grace of near Us (Coran. XIX 13). 3. The son of Zacharie (on them Peace !) would have, says one, received the gift of compassion with regard to the men in order to deliver them mécréance (in Arabic, the kufr) and God association (in Arabic, the chirk), of what is not Him Of clearly, to purify them. 4. According to certain traditions, he will die assassinated after the rise in the son of Marie. Its head would be buried, until our days, inside the Large Mosque of Damas. The Pope Jean Paul II, chief of one of the Churches of the world evangelic, will come besides, during his ground visits of Châm, to visit it. Act of recognition by a Church which until there refused to see its tomb in this place. 5. Zacharie and its son died both like martyrs. In Alep (Syria) is the Mosque of Zacharie (on him Peace!). The world of Islam has more respect for these prophets than people of the Bible of which people of the Torah. To the end of time, and traditions', the son of Marie will go down from the divine Paradise downtown this, carried by the Angels. Undoubtedly will come it to greet that which was his/her fellow traveller. And God is more Savant!
[ 2 ] Among the sects which will be claimed of him, one will find Mandéens. Sect whose origins, says one, would go up at the beginning of the evangelic era. Its language is an Eastern dialect araméen, its religion a syncretism of the sects Jewish and nazarénienne, magism, parsism sassanide. The principal celestial character is Mandâ d' Haiyé ; only the true prophet, the son of Zacharie; the fundamental rite, the immersion in river. Called in the past by Christian nazaréniens the "of Jean saint". From our time, one finds many sects exits of the Reform, in particular of the Anglo-Saxon world which like to claim themselves of the son of Zacharie.
[ 3 ] Coran III 39; VI 85; XIX 7, 12; XXI 90.
[ 4 ] In Hebrew, Zekharyah. In Arabic, Zakariya. Which, according to traditional Islam, was prophet of Israel. The Bible speaks about him rather as a priest (Bible 1 5). The biblical world would like to make us believe that at the time of Hérode, of the Italian occupation (or Roman), there were not prophets in Israel. Coran refutes this thesis.
[ 5 ] According to historians', the religious Scientists, it was called thus, according to this revelation made to his father : " Us assigned any homonym before to him ". (Coran XIX 6). It was, says one still, called " it saw " (or it vivifies), because the martyr, according to the divine Word, is alive auprès God (exalté it is !) : " And do not say dead [ martyrs ] those which are killed in the path of God. They are alive, on the contrary, but you are unconscious ". (Coran II 154).
[ 6 ] Biblical: Temple or Haikal. Koranic: Holy mosque (Al-aqça).
[ 7 ] According to traditional Islam, the term "wire" will never be written in our language with a capital letter. Always with tiny. Let us add that the son of Marie never says: " I am the son of such ", since it is and was the son of any father, neither carnal nor spiritual. Its descent was only side nursery school. He was neither a Jew, either a descendant of Juda, neither a descendant of David, the prophet, nor a son of man either a direct descendant of Adam, since it was written for him, that it is created in the centre of his mother without the intervention of a male seed. According to Sarwat: "the husband of Marie remained unknown during the 1er century, and Jesus was called according to the name of his mother: the son of Maria ". During centuries, in the Arab East, Jesus was known only by this term, as still Coran at the beginning of VIIème century attests it. "(C$op. city. T II p. 150). (Bible Mc. 6:3).
. Concerning the son of Marie, it did not have any shame, in spite of its raised row, to be at the same time the slave (Coran IV 30-33, 172, XIX 35, 88-95), the admirer, the servant, a spirit coming from Him, Its word (i.e., Its promise), Its prophet and His messenger (Coran III 79-81) near Wire of Israel (Coran III 49). Only people as Paul affirmed, and will affirm just the opposite (Bible Phi. 2:5-11; I. 1:1 and sv.; Collar. 1:15-16; Heb. 1:3). Let us note that the Greek term " feed " has a double direction: servant and wire. (To compare: Bible. MT. 3:17). For the partisans of the divine filiation of the son of Marie, this word indicates initially Ichoua like the true servant announced by Isaïe (42:1). However, the term " wire " substituted, will say one, with that of " servant " (thanks to the double direction of the Greek term feed) underlines the character Messianic and properly subsidiary of its relation with God, the Father (cf MT. 4:3 and sv)? ! 
[ 8 ] Divine word: "confirmator of a" word "of God..." (Coran III 39). One said on this subject, that the Saint and Lord of Israel had informed His prophets, in His Books revealed with them: that It would create a prophet, without L' intermediate of a father (carnal). When it came (that is to say Ichoua), one said: "It is (the Messiah) this" word "(divine), i.e., the"promise"that It (Its creator) had made; that It would create it thus (this "word") ".
It was thus there a metaphor which is based on the fact that if an event is announced, when this event, one occurs can express itself while saying: my statements were carried out, my word was carried out. The son of Zacharie was the first, says one, to believe in the Messiah of God, Ichoua (on them Peace!) and to announce to people who it was indeed the divine "word", i.e. the divine"
promise ", announced in the old Writings.
[ 9 ] Traditional Islam prefers speech of him as "a confirmator", rather than of "baptizer", as such is the case at the majority of people of the Gospel. According to Oubada wire of Sâmit, the messenger of God (on him Prayer and Peace!) said: "Whoever attests that there is of divinity only God, Seul and without Associé (or Equal), that Mohammad is Its slave and His messenger, that Ichoua is the slave of God and His messenger, that it is His word (or Its word: "Would be!") that It projected (in the centre) of Marie and a spirit (coming) of Him and that the Paradise and the Hell are realities; God will make it enter to the Paradise that were its works". (Transmitted by Bokhari and Mouslim).
[ 10 ] " the researchers who are leaning on the?uvre of Paul were struck to note that Jesus de Nazareth does not hold practically any place in his prediction. I say well: Jesus de Nazareth, and not Christ. This last, certainly, is alpha and the omega of the message paulinien, to start with the testimony of the resurrection of the Lord (1 Co 15) who is oldest of the Christian tradition.
In his Initiatio Christi, which is a true identification with Christ, Paul is ready to go until the obliteration of oneself; but the life of Jesus remains external with his theological design. That that we nowadays call the " historical Jesus " does not appear in the writings of Paul. He is even stranger to note than the words of Jesus are almost not quoted, they either, in the Epistles pauliniennes, whereas those contain on the other hand a crowd of references to the texts of the Old Will, and that in addition Paul will quote a traditional Greek in his speech made in front of Aréophage of Athens. "(C$op. cit. Schalom Ben-Chorin).
[ 11 ] Hebrew, hou teststemyéhyè. Evangélique and francized: Jean.
[ 12 ] Paul mentions this prophet by no means.
[ 13 ] like Zacharie and his/her son (on them Peace!).
[ 14 ] It cannot in no case to be a question of the Messiah wire of Marie (on him Peace !). Which never overcame Death.
[ 15 ] The angel of Death bears very an other name among people of the Torah: Samaël. This angel is an unknown being of the world of the Gospel.
[ 16 ] Shema Israel: Listen to Israel, with always put at hard test. In Coran, with the Saint and Lord of Israel and worlds to reveal against Wire of Israel and to Judaïsés: " Keep to the commitment which you took (at one time) with Me, I will keep to the commitment which I took with you and it is Me that you must fear ". (Coran II 40).
According to the son of Abbas: " you Discharge obedience that I ordered to you and keep you disobedience that I prohibited to you, with regard to the Prophet [ Mohammad ] and other prophets; I will keep to My commitment in your connection, i.e. I will be satisfied with you and will make you enter to the Paradise ".
In the same way: "  " and it is Me whom you owe fear "i.e.: " fear that I do not reduce on you from the punishments comparable with those which I reduced on some from your ancestors: metamorphoses and other punishments which you know  ".
In light say the commentators, it is as if the Lord of the worlds said to them: it is Me that you must to fear and to fear ô you, those among Wire of Israel, which neglected the commitment entered into with Me and which declare untrue My prophet whereas I had concluded an Alliance with you, by the Books that I revealed you via My prophets; this Alliance implied that you believed in this prophet and that you follow it. If not, if you do not repent and if you do not return towards Me following some this prophet and while recognizing the Truth of what I reduced towards him, I cut down on you a punishment comparable with that inflicted with the men who preceded you and who refused My order and treaty My envoys of liars.
[ 17 ] We know that in the words of the Messiah were a drug for their hearts and their success in Beyond. Unfortunately, too attached to this low-world, they will be diverted of all that... The continuation, we know it.
[ 18 ] and not " a part " of God as the sign wrongly followers of the Tri Theism (or Trinity). Traditional Islam refuses such a design and belief.
[ 19 ] According to Tirmidhî: "This because the spirit (rûh) is the life to be it and that the light is the life of the heart. Also, if the spirit weakens, the body weakens. You do not see that the man, if it sleeps, if it is sick, or if it loses consciousness, can neither move nor to be raised, however, the spirit did not decrease in him. It is thus for the c?ur. If the capacity of the light is rolled up on itself and is folded up, the heart weakens and is desiccated until dying about it. It is the same for the tree: if it is private of water, it falls sick until being desiccated. The light for the c?ur is like water for the ground and the spirit for the heart.
It is because of that that the Prophet Yahya (Hou Yéyè-Jean) was called Yahyâ (it saw) because it had not made faults and that it did not even think of making some. It had not made only one action which obscures it, the veil or isolates from him Knowledge while folding up and by rolling up on itself its light, which retains the power of the light or the c?ur deprives some and desiccates. Such is its situation and God called on this subject: " So that it informs any alive man that the word will be carried out against the non-believers (Coran XXXVI 70). (It indicates by: it saw) that whose c?ur entire is vivified by the light of Knowledge, by its radiation on him which makes it ignite. On the other hand, that whose light is veiled, plunged in the ténèbre or is folded up, if this hard situation, its c?ur is private its quantity of light." (the Book Depth of the things. p. 275).
[ 20 ] It was said that the son of Marie will say one day to the son of Zacharie (on them Peace!) : " You are better than me, because it is God who gave you the safety of peace, while it is me which to me it am given to myself ".
[ 21 ] Since you liked to say that God is " love "...
[ 22 ] Mohammad wire of Dja' far wire of Zoubayr of saying:  "If you like God" means: if the remarks which you made on Ichoua (on him Peace!) were it only by love for God and in sight that the magnifier then follow the Prophet and "God will love you and will forgive you your sins", i.e., all your impiété passed and  "God is Tout-Puissant and Très-Miséricordieux" ".
[ 23 ] the Mohammad prophet.
[ 24 ] The two directions of the verb " to take " [ in Hebrew ] are founded on the letter of the text (Pechat). The Torah, say the exégètes, employs this verb for saying that " God took " the Levites among the other tribes of Israel for in faires of the priests. To take thus means to choose, to promote. Also means to choose, to elect. In Josué (24, 3), we can read: " I took your Abraham father, ". To take, it is thus literally " to promote " "," to elect ".
Another example: " I took centre of Egypt to you " (Bible e.g.: 6,7.), it is, says one, of the election of Israel which it is a question, in addition to the release that also implies the verb to take.
[ 25 ] very important.
[ 26 ] One knows the importance which attaches the rabbis to this man. For the rabbis, God, says us one, promulgated two legislations. The first is addressed to whole humanity. It is called " legislation of wire of Noah " since, after the Flood, it is Noah who became the ancestor of humanity. The second, the Torah was given to Israel. Among people of the Torah, one thus speaks " about Sheva mitsvit bené Noa' H (" Seven Commands for Wire of Noah ", or more briefly" Seven Commands noachic ") than enumerates Talmud in the Treaty on the Avoda idolatry will sara 64 B, as in the Treaty Sanhédrin 56 B These commands include the seven following elementary regulations: 1. Safeguard principle of right; 2. Prohibition of the idolatry; 3. Prohibition of the blasphemy; 4. Prohibition of the murder; 5. Prohibition of the flight; 6. Prohibition of the lust; 7. Prohibition of the consumption of alive flesh...
The fundamental idea of the " Seven Commands noachic " is to define a minimum of constraints morals for whole humanity. That being, it is not essential that the descendants of Noah, i.e. in fact all the men know these laws; that which observes them, even unconsciously, is considered in practice legal of a Jew. "(Paul, a Jewish glance on the Apostle of the Nice ones. Schalom Ben-Chorin. Edict. Desclée de Brouwer.)
   According to one of the Cabins Frank-maçonnique: The sociological evolution, particularly in England brings initially - between 1720 and 1732 - to the reception of the Jews in Masonry (M.Shaftesley A.Q.C.92: 25-45; 1979). In addition Newton - which one knows the influence on the writer of the constitutions, Pasteur Désaguliers - was unitarian (thus not believing neither in the Trinity, nor in the divinity of Christ) but regarded itself well as Christian. Thus is explained that the version of 1738, base of a true universalism, models the sentence concerning "the religion on which all the men agree" while adding:
   "because they agree all on the three great articles of Noah, [ what is ]" to preserve cement of the Cabin enough... ".
   Among the seven commands noachides, the three first are particularly essential:
prohibition to return a worship to the idols, absolute respect of the divine, prohibited name to spread blood. In fact the religious interpretation of the time considered that Christianity was in conformity with an original traditional religion known as of the first times and crowned by Christ:
"true, primitive the, catholic one and universal religion, recognized like such in all times and ages and confirmed by N.S. Jesus Christ..." (Longlivers 1722, London).
   Later on, to the XIXe century, the expansion in the Indies will bring the entry of Moslems, Hindus, parsis, sikhs and will thus extend the concept of Traditional Religion. Moreover in the United Kingdom, one of the reproaches of "Old hand" to "Modern" was precisely to have déchristianisé the ritual by omitting the prayers and festivals of the Saints!
For us, Coran only remains our and single reference and true law to follow. Moreover, if Noah (on him Peace!) at time even Seal of Prophecy had lived, it would have followed and ordered that the Koranic laws are followed. Let us recall that the biblical laws were abolished by the Revelation of Coran. One will also note in the passing that people of the Cabins are for the majority of the deists, moreover to them to recognize: It is the "System of those which, rejecting any revelation, believe only in the existence of God and the natural religion".
In the Deism, God is a concept which answers academic forms with which one is satisfied to recognize the existence as being supreme, but without revelation. Deism thus = Sabéisme. Old religion which like Magisme (or Dualism) had much influence on the whole of people of the Bible. As in Hindousme, one will not believe the need for adoring the Lord of the Universe. It is a kind of Worship which does not include/understand any obligation for the man. Let us note finally that intimate bonds exist with the occult world of the Torah. The Cabins, their faithful have a very particular veneration for occult works like: the Cabal, Zohar, etc. Considerable "Brothers" also refuse to believe in the deity of the Messiah and with Tri-Téisme (or the Trinity). From where this fracture between certain Churches of which the Church vaticane, Roman and catholic, in particular. And this damnation thrown on the descendants of the crown of France. Who will make believe then, who to believe that these "Magicians" of a new kind, of a new world order is "children of ch?ur"? Traditional Islam rejects any alliance with those and those which are devoted to the "Magic", openly or secretly; venerate the damné devil and its faithful... Out of ground of Africa, one speaks about grigris, wizard, black masses, of voodoo. Out of ground of Europe, out of ground of France, how does one have to call those and those which are devoted to the Magic, and which, through it, dream to dominate the world and to control it? 
[ 27 ] This term nominates the persons who follow somebody, started from her tribe and conform to its religion. It is -there believing them of the "spiritual Family" of Abraham, of the "spiritual Family" of Imrân, etc.
[ 28 ] Because of their religion, because all were people of the Tender.

Recall : Approximate translation. In the event of litigation to refer to the French text.

Not divinity, of god that God !
" Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat. "
We will never say it enough.
Explicit totus liber.

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