Osman “the Father of Ottomans, the Turks”

L'Empire Ottoman
ou l'Ancien Empire islamique

L'Empire, Islamique, Ottoman.



According to historians', the Turkish nation is made of twelve tribes. Descent. Yafith wire of Noah. Turk. Dahâk compares Gog and Magog to the "Turks", while Mouqâtil in fact of the children of Japhet (Yafith), wire of Noah (on him Prière and Peace !). Group language Ural-Altaic spoken in Turkey and in the countries about Central Asia (Ouzbèkistan, Turkménistan, China, etc). According to the historians and researchers, the language spoken in Turkey east in fact a kind of dialect and not original Turkish. Formerly, this language was written in Arab characters. End of the Empire ottoman, then the arrival of Mustafa Kémal, and Russian colonization on the majority of the territories turcophones ; put an end to this way of writing.  Ottomans. Dynasty of sovereigns Turkish resulting from Osman : 35 on the whole. Osman will create its own army and will start little by little to be made known in the Asian world. Thereafter, its descent will be charged to continue sound œuvre…

Important dates of a reign of almost 7 centuries :
-         1299-1326 : Osman. “Le true Father of Ottomans, Turcs”….  Atatük : Founder of a dynasty which will bear its name : ottoman. Arab, Othman. Ottoman means Osmanli, and Osmanli wants to say : Wire of Osman. Before the empire ottoman, there was the Turkish empire seldjoukid. The seldjoukid controlled about II S. (200 years). Iran, Iraq, Syria, Arménie and Minor Asia. The Empire ottoman will last between 6 and 7 centuries.
-         1326-1359 : reign of Orhan, which conquers Brousse (1326), of which it makes its capital, Nicée, Gallipoli (1354).
-         1359-1389 : reign of Murad Ier, wire of Orhan. It conquered (1362) then installed its capital with Andrinople, subjected to it Anatolia then Thrace, Macedonia and Bulgaria and crushed the Serb ones and their allies with Kosovo (1389). It takes the title of sultan and provides the foundations of the administration Ottoman.
-         1389-1403 :  reign of Bayezid Ier, which beats the cross ones in Nicopolis (1396). 
-         1402 : Timur Lang destroys the Empire anatolien. 
-         1413-1421 : Mehmed Ier reconstitutes this Empire.
-         1421-1451 : Murad II takes again the expansion in Europe.
-         1451-1481 : - Fatih Mehmet Sultan - Mehmed II conquers Constantinople (1453) (the future one : Istanbul, and makes the capital of the Empire of it), Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, the Crimea, etc. Europe, biblical, trembles. Terrible disappointment for the Greek, orthodoxe biblical world. Inventor of the gun. 
-         1512-1520 : Selim 1st (Yavuz Selim Sultan) continues the conquests : Anatolia Eastern (1514), Châm, Syria (1516), Egypt (1517). Protect the Holy Cities from Arabia : Médine (Madinah), Mecque (Makkah).
-         1520-1566 : apogee of the Empire under Soliman the Magnificent Kanuni Suleyman Sultan. Very popular in Europe. It is at its time that will be made the greatest expansions : Europe, Asia and Africa. In the east, it conquers the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, of Bosnia in Algeria. Victoire de Mohâcs (1526) ; Ottoman installation in North Africa ; sit of Vienna (1529). Culture, architecture. Development of art ottoman, a typical architecture associating the traditions byzantines and seldjoukides, brillamment represented by the œuvres of Sinan. Fine of a dynasty.
-         1566-1703 : reign of twelve sultans. Acquisition of Crete (1669).
-         1669 : Taity of Karlowitz ; first retreat of the forces Ottomans (loss of Hungary).
-         1718 : Treaty of Passarowitz;  triumph over the Austrian army.
-         1774 : Treaty of Kuchuk-Kaïnardji ; triumph over the army tsarist, Russian. The question of the East is put.
-         1808-1839 : Mahmud II takes again the reform of the Empire.  Loss of Serbia, of Greece, of Algeria. 
-         1839-1861 : Abdulmecid Ier continues this policy.  Autonomy of Egypt.
-         1861-1909 : Reign of Abdulaziz and Abdul-hamid II increasingly large foreign Interference. Loss of Serbia, of Romania, of Tunisia, of Bulgaria.
-         1909-1918 :  Reign of Mehmed V an unfavourable political group, the Young person-Turks, assoie their domination. Balkan wars and first large European war (biblical:  First World War). Loss of Crete and almost any Ottoman presence in Europe.  Collapse and falls of the Empire ottoman.
-         1922 :  abolition of the sultanate. 
-         1923 :  proclamation of the republic, whose Mustafa Kémal is a president.
-         1924 :  abolition of the caliphate

Losses of the European territories.

The end of the Empire ottoman, it is especially the end of the Islamic Empire, the end of its unit, and the arrival of a new era in this part of the world : Atheism. Religion conveyed through an ideology of the maxisme-Leninist. Very happy to be released, people of central Europe : Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, will be far from suspecting what awaits them. Albania, the Albanian people, having contributed to the fall of the empire ottoman, will find itself, also, put to him between the hands of men and women without pity.

Islamic territories

The Anglo-Saxon biblical world for a long time dreamed to cut up the Empire ottoman and to destroy the unit of the Islamic world.  For that, its secret service will put in action three important characters : 
1°) Thomas Edward Lawrence (1885-1935). It animated the revolt of the Arab world  (entender it rested in Lebanon and in other parts of the Arabic peninsula on men and tribes of a nontraditional Islam : Shiites, and other religions : Druses, Christians, etc.) against the Turks (1915-1918). It could especially inculcate the hatred of Turkish in the cœur of Arabic. And to present them like the source of all their misfortunes ! 
2°) Philby. According to certain sources, it would have converted with Islam. 
3°) Gertrude Bell.  It could convince the chiefs of the Arab tribes of Iraq to give free the wells of the "Or Noir " (black gold) to the crown of England, in the biblical world Anglican. 
All three were Masters in Arab language and local dialects. Their starting base : Egypt. At the time, to convince the recalcitrant ones of the Arab world, one could make go the machine to make "gold coins". A dream for this world of sands ! That the History of this time is read again ! When the Empire ottoman is destroyed, one will dance in Damas and in the whole of the Arab world. Festivals will be organized. Won't the Allenby marshal be acceuillit as hero among the Arab masses ? Whereas one danced and one sang in Arabia, the world from broad, him, cried and considered what it arrived to them like a divine punishment. However, this one had on several occasions warned the Arab against the intentions of world, biblical world, of England. But how to speak to a deaf person !



The biblical world of Europe : England, France especially, will be able to mislead the Arab world. The Empire ottoman destroyed, it was simply necessary to be useful. The Arab world, him which took considerable with démanbrement of the Empire ottoman ; and this time taste will see its and true ' the colonisation', and the massive arrival of his/her "cousins" of the world toranic. A multitude of States and kingdoms Arab will make their appearance then.  Hadn't the Seal of Prophètie predicted it ? And one will see even the arrival of a new "Golden calf " among them, the "Or Noir" ! This new "Calf" won't it return considerable people, in this part of the world, a little more insolents, pretentious, proud, conceited, ingrats…?   

Sordid goal of the biblical world of the time.

In the the time when the Islamic Empire did only one, the crawling idea of " nationalism " was absent from Islamic people. It is this new idea which the world, Anglo-Saxon, biblical, will be able to inculcate little by little in the cœur Arabs.  To therefore will frera them one to include/understand : How them, Wire and descendants of the Companions, of Old, could they agree to be let control by Foreigners (entender not-Arabs) ? For that, it was necessary to inculcate costs that the hatred of Turkish costs, to present the Empire ottoman like an empire satanic, colonizing, destroying, imbu of all the defects, the innovations and the sins. And yet, a quarrel, says one, will rise even within the two fellow travellers : Lawrence and Philby. The first was for the family, Arabic, hachèmite of king Abd Allah, wire of king Hussain of Hedjaz. It was said that when this last is seen misleading, it will be too late for him and its family. The world Anglo-Saxon, biblical, had been useful of this family to cement a union crowned against the occupant and the enemy of Angletterre and Europe : the Empire ottoman.  As for the second, it chose so that the capacity passes between the hands of people of the "Nadj", of the family of Sa'oud. And as the latter had an old account to regulate with the ottomans, it will choose a new ideology : wahhabism. Which will take care to destroy any trace of architecture Ottoman on his territory of which in Mecque and Médine. And in the place, will not see one appearing Palaces, castles of new kind, luxeux hotels, worship of the personality, etc. And all that in the name of the holy reform, wahhabite, obviously ! The ancestor, Mohammad Abdel Wahhab, according to certain sources (English), would have been recruited by the English secret service for a plan machiavelic. In this plan, it will be asked to him among other destroying:  Schools of the beliefs (entender of Monothéisme : A'charities (A'shariya) and Matouridites (Matouridiya)) and legal Schools (entender :  Malékites, Chaféites, Hanbalites and Hanafites), and all that approaches, of near or by far, with the Sufism (confrèries), etc. The wahhabism will not make it in this common face field with the sect of Salafites of which Taymiyites (hear following ibn Taymiya, of Kurdish origin, former member of the confrery of Abel Quader Djilani (Iraq), sworn enemy of the legal Schools and especially of the great Saints of Islam. God a direction (djihah) will give. Will claim itself (wrongly) of the legal school hanbalite and its followers they like cheick-Al-Islam will not vénèreront (to venerate) it ? Will be condemned to death, by the four legal schools, and will see however its sorrow commuted to prison with life)?  Won't this sect, following to the letter the recommendations of its Master, refuse to request in many Mosques of Châm or other parts of the Islamic world ? Reason. Presence of tombs or innovations inside those ! Others, much more extremists, will even refuse to request in holy Mosquée of Médine ! Reason. Presence of the tomb of the Seal of Prophètie, the Mohammad Prophet (on him Prayer and Peace !)  and of two of his/her Companions ! Won't Wahhabisme and its derivatives also present countries like Châm (Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon) as being the cradle of the innovations (bid'ah) and the associationism (chirk)?  In the same way, Transmission (Arab, the tabligh) and its followers ? Reason. This one comes us from the Indies, countries of the associationism par excellence, Abroad (entender of doubtful origin, and especially of foreign origin, nonArab, not mecquoise. Would have odd ramifications with the Sufism, etc ! For "connected" to see for more precise details : Al-baida.com and its way of treating the world which is hostile for him). This movement seems to have given itself birth to a movement nationalist, Arab, of new kind, dye of vanity and claims without base. Islam coming from the Arabism all that would not come or would not come out of this last, is of office to be rejected ! What ravir and enchant our adversaries, as well interior as outside ?     

Other sources of concern for the Empire ottoman.

Frankly-Masonry. Sect occults saying itself to go back to the time of Adam. For others, at the time of Babel, others finally, at the time of kings David and Solomon. Its "job" magic and especially its terrible "secrecy". That which reveals it has little chance to survive, says one. And like any magician, this last likes to reign and dominate the world. Its places of radiation : finance and the policy.  Its claim : œuvrer for a better world!  Vanity and vain thoughts, will say the Wise one. Of all that, the Lord of the worlds warned to us (see Coran II 102 and comments). Indeed, these people are followers of the banished devil, demons, geniuses malfaisants. They test and will try to mislead the world of believing while spreading like idea that the force and the power of the prophets came from the Temples of Isis, old Egypt, the Magic and its ramifications!  In fact isn't, their desire to spread the disorder and corruption on ground ? To mislead people ? The world of the Gospel will try well to fight them, but in vain. Islam frightens them. They will try well to infiltrate out of ground of Islam. In particular where they will find communities religious of the world biblical, people of our worship without faith nor law. Their privileged centers : Egypt, Lebanon. Their henchmen. People of finance, the political world, the army, education, justice, kings, princes, Heads of States, etc. In light, which one has habit to call the highest levels of society and State. Their way of acting. Like Paul, the infiltration. An art for them and all those which follow them. In the Empire ottoman (document attached), they will be made main of many crimes. For considerable historians, they would be even the only persons in charge of the massacres perpetrated against the Armenians. Those being used and having been used as scapegoat for people of the Bible as Europe. Themselves will pay besides very expensive, their rebellion, their allegiance in holy Russia. Far from finding their country and their freedom, they will have to make to a frightening enemy without faith nor law:  maxisme-Leninism.

The world of the Torah. 

In Coran, the Lord of the worlds explained well that the hardest people into inimitable against believing subjected (entender practise and observers of their Worship) are those which judaïsés themselves (Coran V 82). For before taste seeing what occurred during 53 years out of ground from Palestine and what still occurs from our jours… To the time of the Empire ottoman (towards its end), the Jewish community of the Empire could infiltrate to the higher realms of the State ottoman. Policy of the known infiltration. Let us not forget it, at the time of the sultan Abdel Hamid, the Empire wavered and collapsed under the debts. A delegation of notable Jews will meet, says one, says it sultan and its assistance will propose to him, to sponge its debts, in the condition however of giving them in return the ground of Palestine !  The Sultan reminded to them that this ground belonged not to him but to the entire Islamic world. That they had to be consulted, and even if it obtained their agreement, never he would give it to them. The answer was clear. For their part, it made him share that they would not remain about it there. The continuation, we all know it (see document attached). Occult forces, people of the Bible will thus make common face for the good cause. The world Anglo-Saxon, biblical, which does not like to divide the good things with others only itself ; the greatest part of the cake will thus gain. As for France, biblical, the crumbs, as usual ! And the Arab world, him, dissenssions, divisions, and especially their clean "cousins", which will come to live more close to them. Which chance, not !    

Sects Jewish and different. 

Contrary to the generally accepted idea, they are numerous. And those which to claim itself to represent orthodoxy are relentless against those which refuse to yield with their injunctions. Out of ground turcophone, in particular in Turkey, there is a sect particular which will play a great part in the fall of the Empire ottoman (see the article attached). This sect likes to attend subjected people. One asseoit readily with the same table, but one takes care well not to enter the debates. Silence is required. They resemble to the Jesuits, which recognize readily that Mohammad wire of Abd Allah is a prophet, but Arab world only. Any Jesuit also abstains from entering debates concerning of the thorny subjects like the crucifixion. This sect Jewish thus does not have anything to see, of near or by far, with traditional Islam. It resembles to people of religion Druse, with people of Sikhkhisme. Somebody who is unaware of which is these people would be mistaken readily by seeing them. Currently, out of ground of Palestine, it is a secrecy for anybody who the world Druse is the spearhead of the Jewish community of Palestine. It is true that they appreciated little to be treated non-believers by the subjected Palestinians. The latter believe, like the religions of the Far East, in the reincarnation, the métempsycose. Their religion is secret and to claim to follow a named book, Wisdom. The entrèe in their temples is prohibited to the foreigners, including for the authorities in place. There is a hiérachie chocolate éclair which transmits the secrecies of the religion. To sleep on their premises the night, is for disadvised for very subjected and any Christian. In any case, in Lebanon, the instruction is required. Indeed, to be likely you to leave your life there. One will explain you between other, that to cut the throat of one subjected or a Christian is a way like another to approach to his Creator ! It is a way of presenting its Pilgrimage. The human victim here east. The Druses appeared under the time Fatimide, they claim to be the descendants of the father-in-law of the Mochè prophet (on him Peace Moïse-Foamed !). Some dedicate a worship very particular to the son of Zacharie (on them Peace !).  On the other hand, they dedicate a savage hatred against the son of Marie whom they regard as the False-Messiah. They refuse to be regarded as Wire of Adam. The sexual intercourse of the brothers with their beautiful-sœurs authorizes. Saladin, at its time, fought them violently. They even sought to kill it. They will leave Egypt to come to take refuge in the mounts of Lebanon. The arrival of the Jewish community in Palestine, the creation of a State to them, their gave an oxygen puff.  Such point, and contrary to people of the Gospel and Islam;  those can thus reach the high positions of the State. They are récrutés for various tasks : the infiltration, espionage, the information, the maintenance of law and order, etc. Credits in the police force and the armée… Maintain good relations with people of the Torah. Lebanon, the entry of the Israeli forces, made it possible to establish solid and durable bonds on the two sides of the border. Known to be masons stone and alive especially of agriculture.Wear a special dress to them. Consider the adulthood of the man only after forty years. Are governed by a system of families often in permanent conflicts. In Syria, they seem first hand people. Like seconds, after the sect of the nosairites (called Alides on their request, at the time of the French presence in Syria and in Lebanon, Arabic, Alaouites, Alévites in Turkish.  Origin. Jewish, of a Jew called Abd Allah Sabaa wire). They do not have anything commun run, of near or by far, with Alaouites true descendants of Ali and Fatimah (that God the counsels!). Prayers. No prayer, day labourer, are obligatory. Fast. Unknown in month of Ramadan. Except ten days at the time of the month of Pilgrimage. Are authorized alcohol, homosexuality. Believe in the incarnation of God as a Ali wire of the father of Taleb.  In the Indies, people of Sikhkhisme were employed, at one time, by people of the Gospel of England for espionage against subjected people. After independence, the Hindu ones will be useful, them also of them, against people of traditional Islam. In England, the authorities will employeront the ahmédites, the quadianites against people of traditional Islam. They will even be useful, except borders, in the countries of the gulf for various activities. These two religious groups will be defended to be henchmen of people of the Bible of England. In the same way, to be of the unsubmissive people. Although they claim Islam, they are not recognized like such. From where their exasperation. Their center of interests : England, countries anglophone. England, biblical, would like well that people of traditional Islam recognize officially people (or sects) whom it itself created, but...  

End of a reign, end of Empire.  1876-1922 36 - Sultan Abdulhamid I : It is the last of the ottomans, it was made dominate by the Young person-Turks and destroyed by Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk). 

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