O Wire of Israel, I am really a Messenger of God to you, confirmator of what there is in front of me of share Thorah and heralding a Messenger to come after me, whose name will be "Ahmad"!... (Coran LXI 6)

To have of Memory !

Danger attention !

The name of your Prophet defends  and especially make respect it around you !


Notice on the sublime name of our Prophète saint: Mahomet or Mohammad ?

   " As for the name even of Mahomet, adds Mr. Victor Chauvin, it did not have a better fortune ". Boffumet or Baufumé is one of the names of the devil, which one calls Maisse de Mahottes ; this last word, which indicates in Belgium the mannequins of the tailors and the hairdressers, would come can be of Mahom. The wizards, according to the legend, put turbans to go to the Sabbath, and, in Hainaut, at the time of May 1, one draws with the lime or the tar of the mannequins called Mahomet, Mahommet or Marmousai, on the houses of the single people whom one wants to turn in derision, as on that of the girls whose control is reprehensible: sometimes the intention is replaced by a true made mannequin of straw. Always in Belgium, one calls mahomets the many extracted currencies with Bavray. In England, mawmet indicated a headstock, a small alarming being. As for the old word mahommery, which had the direction of mosque, Mr. Victor Chauvin thinks, contrary to the opinion of Hatzfeld and Darmesteter, which " momery " is a derivative taken with a pejorative value. Innumerable are, of the remainder, the forms which the name of the prophet in French took and in the Western languages; pages 223, we see enumerated forty it, such as Mahum, Mahoun, Machou, Macomet, Machmot, Mahommot, etc. "(Re-examined: The Moslem world. Edict. E Leroux. n° X).

One also said : " Mohammad means" rented, blessed, or the worthy one of praises ", the Westerners [ biblical ] were going to corrupt this name and to transform it into Mahomet (my-hammid) meaning exactly the opposite (that which is not blessed) or into" Mahoud ", prince of darkness, another name of the Devil. "(Mahomet in Mecque, W.M. Watt, SNED, Algiers. Defense of the Prophet "Imp. Popular National army.)

Attitude of the media of the biblical world, orientalists, Arabists, islamologists, people of Partissisme (of the political world), world of Atheism and Mécréance, Dualism (occult cabins, sects, cabbalists, etc.) :

Extremely negative. One speaks readily about Mr Mohammad such, writer, athlete, king of such country... On the other hand, concerning the Seal of Prophecy (to hear the Mohammad Prophet (on him Prayer and Peace !), one will say rather: Mahomet ! In light, one raises such or such land bearing this noble name, and one lowers this divine prophet bearing this name on behalf of his divine Créateur!!! With television, one will diffuse you a whole kind of panoply of alleged reports on Islam, the life of our prophet, etc; for, with the passage, to better deaden you, disguise the truth and to delude you! And finally, to benefit from it to make ravel on the plate (or at the time of the report), of people who do not know a our religion not further that the end from their nose. There is the practice! Example, for the Hexagon, it is Ahmed, the man of North Africa spirit to whistle its "pastis or its sidi-brahim" with the bar, some share in Paris. Man judged, by the world biblical, integrated, liberal, democratic, laic, a man who truly included/understood the life and his direction !!! Then, the commentators of the newspaper industry will speak the following day or a few days to you later, always with this same contempt, of this "Mahomet which bursts the screen"!

World university, encyclopaedic, history, events, policy, etc :

Even attitude. Some rectified, others make the deaf person ear. One always notices a hostile fringe of the biblical world political (believing & incroyants) towards all that has a relationship with the Islamic world, of near or by far. Those which dream of the old Order of Templiers, of the years of the Crusades, this time average-âgeuse, etc Time when one liked, in the name of the son of Marie and her religion, to make run with floods the blood of people called "the Inaccurate ones"!!!    

In other languages :

Transcribed in Turkish, we will have for example: Méhémet. It should be understood that certain Arab letters do not exist inevitably in a foreign language, and conversely. In Chinese, it will have to be invented. To create of any part. In French, one can find written: Mohammad (running), Mouhammad (African French-speaking person), Muhammad (near with German), Mohamad (with only one m, near to the mediums of North Africa. That comes from the current use of diminutives in the current language of people of North Africa).

Conclusion :

To make respect the name of the Seal of Prophecy is a duty. The duty of all. However, it will have to be done with wisdom.  

Official statement : The international League for the defense of Islam and the Moslems has just written with the French Academy to ask for the modification of its famous dictionary. It asks the suppression of the word Mahomet the profit of Mohamed. First drift of "My houmid", which means explicitly "Not Blessed" or "Exécré", while Mohamed would mean "Blessed" (the Source : F&D, n° 149). 

   Petition : read...

Recall: A request which, for a long time, would have to take place. Because here are several months that we ask for the respect of the name of our ground saint prophet of Gaules. Let us hope that it will not be only a pious v?u, but a reality... Assist the League in its step: letter, fax, etc. 

Evolution of the French language

An example : "Mahomet" in "Mohammad" !?

When the adversaries and opponents of the Tender post their hatred and enmity at the great day !

Quote: 1769: "New portable historical Dictionary", heading "Mahomet":

Eminah had been widowed for ten months when it put at the world > > the future prophet. Mahomet, this famous impostor, this sublime charlatan, had the spiritual aspect, fire [ in ] eyes [ and ] an air of authority and insinuation. It was prone to frequent attacks of epilepsy [... ]. It made spend the time of its accesses for that which To be supreme intended it to inform. This sanguinary apostle having increased his forces, forgetting the truce which it had made two years before with the inhabitants of Mecque, puts the seat in front of this city, carries it of force, and iron and the flame with the hand it gives to overcome the choice of the religion or death. One passes to the wire of the sword all those which resist to the warlike and barbarian prophet. The book which contains the dogmas and the precepts of the mahometism calls the Koran. It is a rhapsody of six thousand worms without order, connection, art. There is religion nor of government which is less favorable to the sex only the mahometism and it does not make it possible to the women to leave annoying husbands unless they do not agree to it. [ Explicit ]
   Comments : Apparently the author of these lines is dualistic (man of the cabins, sects occult, etc). Won't the supreme Being (very recommended in this kind of circle) make an abrupt appearance in 1789 ? That is to say twenty years later ? 

Quote: 1815: "biographical and bibliographical Dictionary portable", heading "Mahomet" or "Mohammed":

The widow of a merchant took [ Mahomet ] to lead her trade and married afterwards it three years. Chadyse, it is the name of this widow, made him a donation of all its goods. Mahomet, arrived in an opulent state, solved to become the chief of its nation; it judged that there was surer way to arrive to its goal than that of the religion. The new prophet found in his frequent attacks of epilepsy what to confirm the opinion of his trade with the Sky. It defended with its disciples to dispute on his doctrines with the foreigners, and ordered to them to answer the objections contradictors only by the sword. It died in Médine of the impression of a poison which a Jewish woman had put in a shoulder of sheep to know if he were prophet. A man who proposed for paradise a seraglio could make only proselytes. There is religion nor of government which either less favorable to the sex than the mahometism; all the laws with regard to this half of mankind are hard, unjust or very inconvenient. [ Explicit ]
   Comments : the word "epilepsy" is found readily at the man toranic, as at considerable orientalists people. Way of appreciating and of making discover this Seal of Prophètie to their disciples and readers. The author of these lines is ignorant par excellence of our religion. Tendentious words for ashamed propaganda !

Quote: 1852: "Dictionary of theology", by the abbot Bergier, heading "Mahomet":

Never man pushed the lust further. [ Mahomet ] was not satisfied to have several women, it allotted the privilege to remove those of others; it misused its slaves, even of small a eight year old girl. It pushed impudence until wanting to justify its turpitudes by a formal permission of God, and forged in this intention chapters XXXIII and XXXVI of the Koran. It claimed that it was allowed to him [... ] to divide the grounds of others, even before it had gone Master from there; because God had given him, he, the possession of all the ground said. [ Explicit ]
   Comments : Amusing! and a little reserve the abbot! He is not written some share in the Bible:  Word of the ten virgins. 
1. Then the kingdom of heaven will be similar to ten virgins who, having taken their lamps, went to the meeting of the husband. 
2 Five of them were insane, and five wise. 
3 the insane ones, by taking their lamps, did not take oil with them; 
4 but the wise ones took, with their lamps, of oil in vases.
5 As the husband delayed, all calmed down and fell asleep.
6 In the middle of the night, one shouted: Here the husband, go to his meeting!
7 Alors all these virgins awoke, and prepared their lamps.
8 the insane ones said to the wise ones: Give us your oil, because our lamps die out.
9 the wise ones answered: Not; there would not be enough for us and you; go rather to those which sell some, and buy for you.
10 While they were going to buy some, the husband arrived; those which were ready entered with him the room of the weddings, and it door was closed.
11 later, the other virgins came, and said: Lord, Lord, open to us.
12 But it answered: I say it to you in truth, I do not know you.
13 thus, since you Take care know neither the day, nor the hour. (MT 25/1-13)  
   Doesn't the Bible attest as well as the elected official of the Paradise will have several wives? In the sacred History, one also does not say that king Solomon had thousand wife, and his/her father, David 600. What does one have to say and think of them? Isn't the fact of having changed the laws concerning the marriage and the divorce, the joint work of people of the Synagogues and clergy (or of the Temple)? That the History is read again! 
   In certain sects of the world evangelic, isn't it said that the "nun" is the wife of Christ? In this case, the day of the Accounts, the son of Marie will have how many wives? Reflect well !     

Quote: 1876: "universal Dictionary of the literatures", by Gustave Vapereau, heading "Coran".

Coran is of poor value and could support the comparison with none the crowned books which bequeathed us Antiquity. [ However ] the Moslems believe that it is not given to the man to create a work at the same time so perfect and so sublime.

Quote: 1897: "New illustrated Larousse", heading "Islamism":

More [ the Moslem ] is assimilated [ them ] proceeded [ of the Occident ] and up to a certain point its manners of thinking and its methods, more it becomes enemy of this civilization, whose each detail cannot miss wounding its religious feelings. The only thing which makes it possible the European nations not to worry in addition to measurement about this tendency about modern Islamism is the fact that the Moslem nations do not form a whole subjected to the authority of the same sovereign and that one designs with difficulty Morocco walking in a common action with Perse against Christendom ; however one is too much carried to forget the importance of the mystical brotherhoods, and it is out of doubt today that certain insurrectionary movements due to the Moslems in China were the echo of the businesses of Arménie.

Quote: 1945.

I do not have anything against Islam, because this religion gives the responsability itself to inform the men, in their promising the sky if they fight with courage and are made kill on the battle field: in short, it is a very practical and tempting religion for a soldier. HIMMLER - 1943

 Quote: 1966: "Larousse three volumes colors", heading "Mahomet" or "Muhammad":

Piles, just, informed of the Judaism and Christianity, Mahomet had to fight people of Mecque (combat of Huhud, 627) and to drive out the Jews. From 631 ("year of the delegations"), tenders of tribes and conversions to Islam multiplied. [ Explicit ]
...informed of the Judaism and Christianity... by the Gabriel Archangel. With due respect in the world toranic as in the world evangelic. And contrary to the generally accepted idea, the Prophet of Islam will hold his teaching neither of a rabbi nor of a person of the world of the Gospel. Treason will be the cause of the departure of a part of the Jewish community of Arabia (Coran II 89 and sv). In this ground, several Tribes had found refuge, this there after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. Moreover,  weren't people of the Synagogue in waiting of the "Prophet awaited", the messiya, announced in their Writings and which was to be born out of ground from Arabia, in Médine? (Coran VII 154/158; Bible.  For Enoch, Epire of Jude 14-15; Abraham, Genesis XII, 1-3 and 16-20; Jacob, Genesis XLIX, 10; Moïse Deutéronome, XV111, 18, XXXIII, 2; Daniel, Daniel II, 31-32, Cheap, 13-14; David. Psalm XLV No 3-18 ; Isaie, XXI, 6-7, 13-16: XLII, 9 and suiv., XLII1, 1,6; Habacuc, Hab. III, 3; Jean, Apocalypse II  26-29  III, 12, VI, 4; Jesus, Matthieu. XXI, 33-34, Jean, 1, 21, XIV, 15-16, XV, 26-27, XVI, 7-16.    

Quote: 1982 : "Large encyclopaedic Dictionary Larousse", heading "Mahomet" or "Muhammad":

Mahomet built a remarkable whole of social reforms which touch with the safety of the life and the property, with the coding of the marriage, the family, the heritages, with wear, to the hygiene of life. It released the man of tribal subjection, because believing it account of its life returns only to God.

Quote: 1997: "Dictionary of Islam", Encyclopædia universalis/Albin Michel, article "Muhammad":

Brilliant man [... ], it could forge an ideological synthesis impressive, able to allure his native land initially, then to impose itself in a vast zone of the sphere. He could also employ gifts remarkable of political and military chief to acquire the control of Arabia. Mystic (incomplete), deeply monks, but not pure man of holiness like Christ and the Buddha, the human weaknesses of this impressive personality do nothing but return his biography more attaching. [ Explicit ]
   Comments : It is what a complete mystic? Contrary to biblical teaching, the divine prophet is a perfect man who has divine immunity and a particular protection of His share. It seems that the definition "prophet" does not have anything commun run here with that defined by the biblical world.  

Quote: Mosque, its meaning..

   You knew that the word "mosque" is derived from Spanish and that one finds: "Los aplastoremos como has tired moscas" (one them [ crush ] like the flies).
   Cross Spanish was revolted against "subjected" who reigned in Andalusia during the reign of Omeyyades (and more half of the world). And at the time of the reconsquista, the expression appeared at certain which said: "will crush We them like flies"!!! And which is the place where to find those which were called flies ("Subjected") in abundance, if not in the "Moscas" which means: the place where the flies are crushed... Whereas the Arab word "masdjid" means: Place of Prostrations. Pertaining to worship building of Islam. Because the divine religion: Islam is the only current religion where the faithful ones are prosternent with same the ground, at the time of their daily Prayers or Offices. 

When I look at what is at the heart of the Muslim religion, I see nothing contrary to our culture.

Teasing ... When people of the show business make fun of the Prophet of Islam: To listen (fr.). 

Conclusion: With the Tender, I positive! Live Islam !

He is Allah whom there is no other god but Him!

   See also: the Islamic Gallery.

How the best greetings are on the divine Messengers and Prophets !

  Purity with God !
The Tender
"Lux Lucet in Tenebris"
"a light which shines in darkness"

Not divinity, of god that God !
"Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat."
We will never say it enough.
Explicit totus liber.

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